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Virtual "Hybrid Cloud" File Server Provided by G-Apps Masters

Making the move away from on-premise and traditional client/server hosting is a big leap towards getting your business 100% into the cloud services model. Many of our customers remove a big portion of their IT issues by switching to Google Apps for Work. However, many want to know how to continue the steps towards moving the entire infrastructure the web-enabled option - eliminating the need for a local server.

What is a "Virtual Hybrid Cloud" File Solution?

The combination of both local resources (a local device such as a NAS, Server or PC) combined with a synchronization service that replicates the data in the remotely accessible "cloud" storage.

G-Apps Masters Introduces Virtual (Hybrid) Cloud File Servers

We have partnered with one of the top Virtual File Server companies in the world, Egnyte. Allow us to streamline the transition between your existing file server and shared files, over to a web-enabled, always on, always secure file sharing service for your business or organization. Accessible anywhere, it creates a "100% Web" solution to shared data and file access. In addition, Egnyte also bridges the gap between slow internet connectivity (dial-up, DSL, cable, etc) and offloads the synchornization process to a local resource. This speeds internal operations and productivity by allowing your internal staff to work at Gigabit speeds, even with a slow upload speed. This makes sharing large files within the local network instantaneous, while the local device syncs with the cloud, enabling a slightly delayed access via cloud users (for large file transfers).

Virtual Cloud File Server

Once you've made the transition, you no longer have to worry about backups, restoring files, leaked data, or the dreaded VPN. Using the Virtual Cloud File Server will allow you to access your important company files from anywhere, safely and securely.

Award Winning Service: Egnyte has a proven track record of excellence and continues to be rewarded by the tech industry.

PC MagazineUP-START Cloud Computing AwardTop 10 Reviews Gold Award 2012

Prices start as low as $25 per month. This is truly a reliable and secure physical server replacement solution that will keep you from worrying about server upgrades or backups ever again! See current VFS (virtual file server) plans and pricing.

NEW! G-Apps Masters can streamline the setup and installation process for you. Let our experience and expertise guide you to a quick and easy setup, get your files migrated to the cloud, and train your users/staff on how best to use the services.

Give us a call today (877) 774-4664 or (877) 774-GOOG or complete the form where it says "Get Started Now" to find out how we can help you today!

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