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Google Apps Training & Implementation Provided By G-Apps Masters

At G-Apps Masters we've realized that our clients love the attention to detail and business focus we deliver. This extends beyond the original installation and setup of Google Apps. We realize that you can put a hammer in a child's hand, but you cannot expect them to build a house. Delivering a new suite of tools like Google Apps requires a plan for training your existing team to better use and leverage these new tools for working smarter and more efficiently. Part of this planning involves two key terms: Training and Change Management.

If you're looking for end-user training, try Google Apps Quick Training

Google Apps Training - On-line User Education Course

If you are looking for a way to get your feet wet (beginners) or learn advanced ways to use Google Apps, our on-line e-learning course is perfect for you. At the low cost of $10 per user, per year (that's right, it is $10 for an entire 12 months) you can get 24x7 access to customized Google Apps Training. You can access this training from any computer (work, school, home, laptop, desktop) and pick up right where you left off. Better yet, this training is constantly being updated with new features. Every month Google is rolling out new features for Google Apps. Our training team will assess these changes and update our training course to show the new features and explain how they work.  Most training courses you will find are designed to show Google Apps from 2007 - our training course shows you all the latest features and updates.G-laps

Google Apps Training - Groups & Individual

Our expert team of trainers and implementation specialists can get you, or your group, trained and prepared on how to do business with Google Apps. Whether it is a single, one-on-one training session, or a group of 5,000, we have the experience and knowledge to turn those trainees into a powerful asset for your business needs.

Google Apps Training - Web-based or On-site/On-Location

We have the ability, thanks to Google Apps, to provide remote voice/video teleconferencing and training to your organization, or group, anywhere in the world. If you have a group of branch offices or satellite offices, we can connect, in real-time, over the web for a powerful training seminar.

If you prefer, we can allocate our training team to come on-site to your location and give special attention to key personnel who may need more individualized training, in an environment they feel most comfortable.

Google Apps Change Management

Training is an important part of getting your staff up to speed with what Google Apps can offer. But equally important is helping them and guiding them through the changes that will occur by switching to Google Apps. Our Google Apps Change Management team can help focus our attention on not just what the old legacy software and systems did for your business. We can custom tailor a program to help guide your team to finding new and better ways of producing the same tasks using Google Apps. Some businesses and organizations don't need much help - others will absolutely require it. Speak with one of our team to determine the best deployment and change management solution for your organization.

Give us a call today (877) 774-4664 or (877) 774-GOOG or complete the form where it says "Get Started Now" to find out how we can help you today!

Google Apps Masters Google Apps Masters
Google Apps Masters
Google Apps Masters

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