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Postini Services Provided by G-Apps Masters

Postini has become synonymous with the words "secure, safe and protected" e-mail. Postini was acquired by Google back in September 2007. Since that time, Postini services have been expanded and improved to what you see today. Google Message Security (GMS) is the bundled version of Postini services that adds a layer of spam protection for standard Google Apps GMail. Google Message Discovery (GMD) is the archiving and compliance piece, adding a stand-alone, non-destructive copy of all inbound and outbound e-mail messages.

Postini E-mail Filtering & Security (GMS)G-laps

The most common use for Postini services is to block unwanted e-mail by blocking SPAM and other e-mail borne security threats (such as viruses and trojans). It does the best job, ever, of identifying the offensive piece of garbage without blocking something that is trusted. This service is also referred to as Google Message Security (GMS).

Postini E-mail Archiving & Compliance (GMD)

Postini can be used to archive 100% of the inbound/outbound e-mail messages of your users. This is great for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and any other regulatory "truth in" type of assessment/tracking. You can setup filters on the fly to record and flag specific buzzwords, senders, receivers or more to help quickly identify any buzzwords of concern. All of these great compliance features come with a built-in 10 year term for archiving and storage of the items for later retrieval. This service is also referred to as Google Message Discovery (GMD). Google Message Discovery becomes effective at the time of start-up, collecting all inbound/outbound messages from that start date into the future. If you would like to bring in historical messages, see below.

Import Historical Messages into GMD (Google Message Discovery)

G-Apps Masters offers a cutting edge service that eliminates the high cost previously associated with arching of previously sent/received e-mail migration into Google Message Discovery (GMD) and Postini. Our team will migrate your historical e-mail from either Microsoft Outlook/Exchange PST or from any other mail server capable of exporting data in appropriate format. The process will not modify dates or original message content. However, any proprietary, legacy meta-data attached to the system will not be transferred as part of the processing. Only the original message, message headers, and message data will be migrated and stored.

Use the Power of Cloud Services to Keep Your Server Running on GMC (Google Message Continuity)

Google Message Continuity (GMC) allows your Exchange server to continue to operate even when it is unavailable or down. By using GMC, your e-mail will be delivered to Google Apps GMail, in the event of an unplanned outage, where users can access their e-mail in real-time. Once your server comes back online, GMC will sync all the sent/received e-mail - putting Exchange back in proper working order.

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